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Welcome to Zirako Magazine, your ultimate go-to source for all things anime, art, and beyond. Our platform began as a curation hub on Instagram in 2019 and has since grown to include over 100k followers. Our mission is to bring you the latest and greatest content in the world of anime, comics, music, and art, including expert insights and valuable tips.

At Zirako Magazine, we believe that anime and art go hand in hand. It’s not just entertainment, but a medium that has the ability to educate, inspire and engage. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a platform that not only showcases the latest and greatest in the anime and art industry but also delves deeper into its culture and history.

Our team of passionate fans, who are experts in the field of anime and art, are always on the lookout for exciting content to share with our readers. From in-depth reviews and analysis of the latest anime series and comics to interviews with industry leaders and prominent voice actors, to coverage of anime conventions and festivals around the world, we strive to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of all things anime and art.

As a leading source for all things anime and art, Zirako Magazine is constantly exploring new and innovative advancements in the industry. One area of particular interest is web3 and the metaverse, as it holds great potential for the future of anime and art. We are excited to see the evolution of this technology and will continue to keep a close watch on its developments.



We’re not just a blog or a magazine, we’re a community of enthusiasts, who come together to share their love and passion for anime and art.

We believe that the community is the backbone of Zirako Magazine, and we’re always looking for ways to improve, so whether you’re an avid fan of anime and art, or just starting to explore these mediums, we encourage you to explore our website and join our community of 100k (and growing) on Instagram. We are confident that you will find something here that will inspire and entertain you, and we look forward to welcoming you to the world of Zirako Magazine.

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