Anime is a form of animation that first originated in Japan and went on to become a global phenomenon today. It offers a safe haven for people who want to escape from the troubles of their daily hectic life and dwell somewhere peacefully. Anime is created by dedicated anime artists and some of the best works on it have inspired millions of people worldwide. The legendary Dragon Ball Z series, for instance, is an anime that had an impact on a whole generation of millennials!

As such, in this article, we will explore the list of the 5 best anime artists of all time who have created some of the most iconic and influential anime.

1. Akira Toriyama

Akira Toriyama, born on April 5, 1955, is a celebrated manga artist, character designer, and model designer who has made an indelible mark on the anime industry. His iconic anime, Dragon Ball, first aired in 1986 and took the world by storm. With its unique blend of action, humor, and unforgettable characters, the show was a tremendous success. As such, Akira Toriyama’s work on Dragon Ball is often credited with breaking Japanese anime’s nationwide influence and launching it into the worldwide phenomenon that it is today.

Toriyama’s first manga was “Wonder Island,” which he worked on in 1978. He is also known for his work on the “Dr. Slump” manga and anime series. Interestingly, Toriyama has a love for cars and is an avid collector of classic automobiles. He has also designed cars for the video game series, “Chrono Trigger”.

2. Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is an iconic figure in the anime industry, known for his signature style of visually stunning and emotionally resonant animated films. Born on January 5, 1941, Miyazaki is an animator, filmmaker, screenwriter, author, and manga artist with a career spanning over five decades.

His first anime was “Wolf Boy Ken,” which he worked on in 1963. He also co-founded Studio Ghibli, a renowned Japanese animation film studio, which has produced some of the most beloved anime movies of all time.

Miyazaki’s works have earned him numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for his film “Spirited Away” in 2003. A fun fact about Miyazaki: he is known for his love of aviation. He is a skilled pilot himself and has designed and created many aircraft that have been featured in his films.

3. Yutaka Nakamura

Yutaka Nakamura is a prominent anime artist known for his dynamic and unique action sequences that make heavy use of impact frames. Born on December 22, 1967, Nakamura is an animator, designer, and cinematographer with over 30 years of experience in the anime industry.

Nakamura’s first work was on the anime series ” Charge!! Men’s Private School” in 1988. Since then, he has worked on many famous anime projects, including “Full Metal Alchemist,” “One Punch Man,” “My Hero Academia,” and even the iconic “Pokémon” series.

One of Nakamura’s most notable contributions to the anime industry is his detailed work on debris animation, which has earned him the nickname “Yutapon” within animation circles. His debris animation work is now famously known as Yutapon Circles, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail in his craft.

4. Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda is a well-known manga artist born on January 1st, 1975, who is famous for his work in the “One Piece” series. Oda has been active in the anime industry since 1992 and continues to produce new content to this day.

His first work was the one-shot manga “Wanted!” in 1992, which earned him recognition and paved the way for his future successes. Oda’s most notable work is the ongoing anime series “One Piece,” which has been successfully airing with over 900 episodes and counting, without any major breaks or disruptions.

Interestingly, back in the day, Eiichiro Oda was deeply influenced by Akira Toriyama and his work on the “Dragon Ball” series. He is also the winner of the Grand Prize at the 41st Japan Cartoonists Association Award.

5. Ken Sugimori

Ken Sugimori is a legendary anime artist who has played a major role in creating one of the most popular and enduring anime franchises of all time – Pokémon. Born on January 27th, 1966, he began his career as a manga artist, but it was his work as a lead designer for the Pokémon series that brought him worldwide fame. He has been working on the franchise since its inception and is still heavily involved in its development to this day.

His signature design style has helped shape the iconic look of the Pokémon world, and he has also worked as a game designer and director for various Pokémon games. Interestingly, his first work was not related to anime or manga but rather a game called “Quinty.” His contributions to the Pokémon franchise have made him a household name in the world of anime and gaming, and his influence is sure to be felt for generations to come.

Final Thoughts

This is our list of the 5 best anime artists of all time. Do you agree with us? If not, then why? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!