The thrill of battle royale games is unlike any other gaming genre. The adrenaline rush of being the last one standing, the satisfaction of outplaying your opponents, the well-coordinated teamwork, and an outstanding strategy to finish off your opponents… it’s all incredibly addictive.

Basically, battle royale games put you in high-stakes situations where you have to constantly fight for your survival against dozens of other players. You never know what will happen next and you constantly adapt and improvise to stay alive. If you are looking for some of the best anime battle royales to play in 2023, then these 3 are guaranteed to have your heart racing and blood pumping!

Super Mecha Champions

SMC Anime Battle Royale

Topping our charts, Super Mecha Champions is a state-of-the-art action shooter anime battle royale developed by NetEase Games in 2019 and is available to play for FREE on Android, iOS, as well as PC.

Super Mecha Champions features stunning graphics and a variety of gameplay modes for players to try out. In this anime game, players choose from a variety of mechas, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, and fight against 99 other players in the futuristic Alpha City.

Each mecha is designed for a particular gameplay style and hence perfectly caters to the needs of different gamers. For example, the Andromeda mecha can fly and fire high-energy arrows, while the Arthur mecha is a powerful close-quarters fighter.

Moreover, players can also freely switch between pilot and mecha modes all the while using different strategies and tactics to survive and eliminate their enemies. Playing as both a pilot and a mecha is thrilling and strategic. As a pilot, you need to use your skills and abilities to survive in the battle royale arena. As a mecha, you need to use your firepower and mobility to dominate your opponents.

Conclusively, Super Mecha Champions is a top-notch battle royale with endless possibilities and exhilarating combat. Can you dive headfirst into the action and challenge yourself in the electrifying world of SMC?

Eternal Return

ER Anime Battle Royale

Bagging second place, Eternal Return is a 2020 anime battle royale game developed by the talented minds behind Nimble Neuron. Available to play on PC, Eternal Return delivers a heart-pounding battle royale gameplay experience.

In this anime game, players choose one of the 64 characters available, each with their own abilities and playstyle. No matter whether you wield the fiery fury of “Hikaru,” the agile and enigmatic ninja, or harness the dark arts with “Morgana,” the bewitching sorceress, every character promises an exhilarating experience.

Eternal Return takes place on Lumia Island, a remote location divided into 16 distinct locations. In order to survive and come out at the top, players have to scavenge for materials, craft weapons, and armor, and fight against 17 other players. You can also team up with friends or strangers in duo or squad mode, or try the 4v4 Cobalt Protocol mode for a more intense combat experience.

As seen above, Eternal Return is a thrilling and strategic anime game. You never know what kind of enemies you will encounter, or what kind of allies you will have. Moreover, you constantly have to adapt to the changing environment and the restricted areas as the game progresses. Do you have what it takes to survive on Lumia Island?  

My Hero Ultra Rumble

Ultra Rumble Anime Battle Royale

Taking the third spot, My Hero Ultra Rumble is an upcoming free-to-play action-fighting battle royale game. Developed by Byking, this anime game is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam somewhere late in 2023.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, you start by choosing your character from a powerful roster of heroes and villains, each with its own unique quirk and skills. You then team up with 2 other players online and fight against seven other 3-member teams in a chaotic clash of a 24-player rumble. All the while, you also collect items to improve your abilities and gain an edge over your opponents.

Moreover, strategizing things up, My Hero Ultra Rumble has five distinct character archetypes: Strike, Assault, Rapid, Technical, and Support. Each character class is suited for a dedicated role. For instance, if you like to deal heavy damage and knock out enemies with powerful attacks, you will want to try All Might or Bakugo from the Strike archetype.

As such, My Hero Ultra Rumble is a game that will test your skills, teamwork, and creativity as you face off against other players in a battle for survival. You will need to use your Quirk, items, and environment to your advantage, as well as cooperate with your allies and be tactical.


This is our list of the 3 best anime battle royales to play in 2023. What do you think about any of these games? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!